How Long Is My Shingle Roof Likely To Last In New Jersey?

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Blog, New Jersey, Roofing


At East Coast Roofing, we believe in offering you the best solutions when it comes to your New Jersey roof. Our expert workmanship and excellent service prove why we are the trusted roofing contractors in New Jersey.

Investing in a new roof can be one of the most significant investments you make for your home. However, you can rest assured that your rooftop will protect you for years to come once you do. And if you treat it right and maintain it regularly, it will likely last even longer.

The lifespan of your roof is also dependent on things such as environmental conditions, exposure to the elements, and the quality of your roof’s installation. Living in New Jersey means that your roof is regularly exposed to things such as tropical storms, winter storms, hurricanes, severe wind speeds, heavy rainfall, and more. These environmental conditions can significantly impact the lifespan of your rooftop and lead to its accelerated degradation.

Let’s take a look at how long your roof type typically lasts in New Jersey:

new New Jersey asphalt shingle roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing systems are a popular roofing choice among New Jersey homeowners. They’re an affordable roofing option that offers homeowners incredible versatility, significantly improves their curb appeal, and makes maintaining and repairing their rooftops nearly effortless. While asphalt rooftops are praised for the aesthetic value that they add to your home, surviving severe weather conditions is not their strong suit. While asphalt rooftops are estimated to last 15 to 20 years, things like tropical storms and hurricanes can significantly damage your roofing system, if not completely destroy it.

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