New Year, New Siding: What Siding Colors Will Be Popular in 2023

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Blog, New Jersey, Siding

The exterior of your home is important in keeping your home safe. Not only does siding provide a lovely exterior to your home, but it also helps to protect your home against the hot sun and weather elements, and years of security in a solid home exterior. 

Deciding the color and style of siding is incredibly important. Considering that good quality siding can last 20 to 40 years depending on regular maintenance, plan a color you can remain happy with. Here are some popular colors for the new year:

new siding, New Jersey


This color is similar to beige and can transform your home into something sharp and exciting. To really make this color pop, choose the contrasting roof, gutter, and shutter colors. 

Gray Heron

This earthy tone of deep green can be an excellent choice when paired with dark gray and cream colors. Avoid pure white as it is too much of a stark contrast. 

Caramelized Pear

This color is a bright yellow and is an excellent choice for that “main street” appearance. Shades of gray and brown as roof colors work well with caramelized pear.


This gray has a hint of light blue tone added, making it a lovely alternative to the average gray siding. It offers a feel of a coastal theme when paired with crisp clean white trim. 

Autumn Red

To really stand out, consider this color!  This smoky red is appealing when paired with white window panes, porch railings, and eaves. 


This color creates a vision of soft gray winter, yet when matched with red and white details, offers a feeling of optimism and freshness. Landscaping choices help to set off this color combination for excellent curb appeal. 

Red Rock Falls

A warm brown choice leaning toward a dark clay palette. Combine this stunning color with other browns to complete a warm look. 

Earth Tones Combo

A challenging combination of two earth tones can be stunning when done right! Take time to plan out the appearance before the project begins. 


Once again, this color hits the list of choices for 2023. A safe choice for all types of homes and styles. Easy for the homeowner to dress it up as they see fit. 

Forest Green

A new bold choice for the homeowner. This color gives a polished unique appearance when matched with crisp white trim. 

These color choices hit the tops of the list in siding colors for 2023. Perhaps one of these interests you or perhaps a more traditional color is what you are seeking. 

Take the time to consider the color choice carefully when you are considering upgrading your siding. Speak with East Cost Roofing, Siding, and Windows in New Jersey to help narrow down your decision. We are the professionals you seek to help you with your siding project. All of our work is backed by lifetime product warranties, a 25-year workmanship warranty, and 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about siding and the options available to give your New Jersey home that updated look you are seeking.