How Much Will Gutter Guards Cost for My New Jersey Home?

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Blog, Gutter Guards, New Jersey

Gutter guards can help protect your gutters and lower the maintenance needs of your gutters.  The average cost to install gutter guards in New Jersey is between $590 and $2,200 depending on a variety of factors.

Home Size and Cost

The biggest cost factor in gutter guard installation in New Jersey is the size of your home.  Gutter guards are measured in linear feet and the cost to install them is between $2.90 and $11.00 per linear foot.  The majority of homes in New Jersey will need between 100-200 linear feet of gutter guard with some needing more and some less.  The easiest way to determine how much you need is to measure the sides of your home that have gutters installed, then add all of those lengths together.

  • 100 linear feet of gutters: $290 to $1100
  • 125 linear feet of gutters: $365 to $1,375
  • 150 linear feet of gutters: $435 to $1,650
  • 175 linear feet of gutters: $510 to $1,925
  • 200 linear feet of gutters: $580 to $2,200

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Other Factors that Impact Cost

While the length of gutter guards needed to complete the project is the biggest factor in determining the cost of your gutter guard installation in New Jersey, there are several other important things to consider.

Gutter Guard Material

There are four main materials used to manufacture gutter guards:

  1. Plastic: least expensive material for gutter guards, but also the least durable and likely to be blown away during storms
  2. Aluminum: resists rust and corrosion, but readily pierced by sharp objects like tree branches and pine cones; more expensive than plastics but still lower-cost.
  3. Steel: top choice for mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards; increased durability with rust, corrosion, and warping resistance; higher-end cost
  4. Copper: high-end material and most expensive; offers durability of steel with increased aesthetic


Labor costs to install your gutter guards will be greatly impacted by the accessibility of your gutters.  If you have a tall home or gutters in hard to reach places your gutter guard installation may take longer or require specialized equipment which will make it more expensive.


Choosing the right gutter guard style and material for your climate is imperative to their proper function.  For example, plastic gutter guards will not be a good choose for an area that has regular storms with high winds.  Your gutter guard installer will work with you to determine the best guards for New Jersey, but it’s important to recognize the ways this may increase the cost of the installation.

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Benefits of Professional Gutter Guard Installation

While some gutter guards are created to be installed on your own, the professionalism and expertise of a professional installer can’t be beat.  Higher end gutter guard materials offer better protection and will require less maintenance in the long-run, but it also means that you’ll need to have them professionally installed which means you’ll need to pay for the labor cost.  Keep in mind, that if you do choose to go the DIY route, you may end up spending more in the long run due to equipment purchases and rentals as well as the risk of improper installation leading to damage.

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