Why We Stand Out

There are many contractors around and you may be wondering how to choose the right one. We may not be the cheapest estimate, but we are set apart from other contractors that do roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and railings in our area.

Here are the reasons why you should choose East Coast Roofing and Siding for your exterior needs (Roofing, siding, windows, gutters, railings, and repairs).

I learned my strong work ethic and commitment to professionalism from my father while working in his roofing and siding company. From East Coast’s start in 1979 to today, we have been committed to delivering outstanding service and customer satisfaction. This has contributed to our company becoming South Jersey’s most professional roofing and siding company. I have been blessed over the years and owe everything to my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are a legitimate business
East Coast Roofing & Siding is not a “side” business. It is not staffed by people who are here one day and gone the next. Like all “real” businesses, we advertise, we have equipment, and assets. We claim all of our revenue as income and pay our taxes. We also treat our staff and our customers well, just like family.

Because “If you call, I’ll show up.”
I have been working in the roofing industry since 1973. My faith in Christ, my Savior, will not allow me tell you I’ll be there and not show up.

My customers are extremely important to me and I tell all of our installers they are to imagine “Larry’s mom” lives in every house they work on.

Service areas.
We are available for service in the Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Our workers on the East Coast team are like you: They work hard. They deserve to make good money and have insurance. Paying them well allows me to have my pick of the finest workers around. I pay for insurance that protects them in the rare occurrence of an accident while they’re on the job.

Other contractors may not pay well or insure their workers. The best installers will, in turn, choose to leave to join better paying companies where their health isn’t at risk. High turnover for those contractors means low skilled workers on the job at your house.

What this means to you
We probably won’t be the lowest estimate you receive. Other contractors can charge less because they skimp on what they pay team members. They also use lower quality materials, which artificially keep their costs low.

I thank God, I’ve been around since 1973. He has blessed me, my family, and my business in many ways. With His help, and with my son Shawn now learning the business, East Coast Roofing & Siding will be around for another 31+ years. That means when we guarantee our workmanship, we will be here to make good if we ever need to.

Thank you for considering East Coast Roofing and Siding for your home repair/improvement project. Our homes are our most significant investment and hiring a contractor can very nerve-wrecking. I appreciate the trust you are placing in us.


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